RE: It's time to see an ALLERGIST!

If you have been suffering with allergy symptoms throughout the year, but are feeling better and are off antihistamines....NOW is the time to get in to get allergy tested!!! Let's find out what is causing your symptoms and get your allergies under control BEFORE the bad allergy seasons are back!!!

Rotary promotes the love of reading

If you are like me, you grew up with parents that read to you. I remember as a child, my dad reading Dr. Seuss with me on the family couch.

Truthfully, my father did not enjoy reading. Yet, he knew its value. Through his simple appreciation of the value of literacy, he passed onto me the joy of reading.

AC & Heating that's affordable

Kewl Aire here, offering affordable ac repair or replacement. Stone Oak residents receive 15% off repairs,replacements with FREE diagnostic/travel when we repair your system. When you need help call Charlie 210-618-7910 TACLB26219E

Come ask Councilwoman Chan your District 9 Questions.

Matt Scherer

If you live in District 9, you have probably seen the handiwork of Elisa Chan, our city council woman.

As someone who lives in Stone Oak, I can attest that her efforts to fix traffic issues has made me want to thank her for that attention to detail.  Several years ago, a drive out of my neighborhood was a good 20 to 30 minutes with the influx of parents who drive their children to school.  In short, it was a mess to leave my house unless I left before 6:45 a.m. or after 9 a.m.

What's the Buzz? Tell me what's happening.

Blog submitted by Dr. Barry Langford.


Dear Panthers…. We have had quite an eventful beginning of the semester. I guess the biggest news locally is the announcement of Dr. Middleton’s retirement after 21 years as superintendent. Serving as superintendent that many years is unheard of in most cases. The average tenure of a superintendent in Texas is roughly 2 years. I for one am proud to have served as Principal with him.

Doing business with Mexican Business people coming to Texas

Matt Scherer

If you want to reach out to the growing influx of  Mexican business executives coming to Texas, the approach used for your American customers is not going to work.

That was the message given last night at the Stone Oak Info monthly meeting and mixer, held at the Alamo Draft House.

The three basic elements of your LinkedIn profile

Matt Scherer

If you are like a lot of people, you probably have a LinkedIn profile without a lot of information on it.

For many, this social media portal is really under utilized.  Most are missing a summary of their expertise,  a good photo and some detail of their previous experiences.

Viral networkers should be open to input from others

Matt Scherer

About three to four times a week, I get a request from people who ask to join my LinkedIn network. As part of my process, I do a quick review of their profile before agreeing to allow them to join my list of contacts.


Recently, I got a request from someone who I want to term “V.” (And no, the TV show didn’t inspire me for the nickname, but…please read on.) As I was reading V’s profile, I couldn’t help but notice that there was some things about it that she could improve upon with it.

LinkedIn can fill the gaps of the sales and marketing process

Matt Scherer

Have you ever been asked to go to a meeting where you didn’t know anything about the other folks except that an associate or client recommended you to go meet with them?

That was the case for me last week.  A business partner had asked me to go to a meeting with one of our clients.

Council Woman Chan adds facebook fan page

Matt Scherer

II am excited to work with Council Woman Elisa Chan to set up her first Facebook Fan Page.  As a social media advocate, I believe that everyone in her district can learn more about key issues.

I have to tell you…. Council Woman Chan is the type of person who truly gets the details of social media, and she wants to use Facebook and LinkedIn to communicate her thoughts to her more than 140,000 constituents.

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