Flu shots may be given to egg allergic patients!

Dr. Patricia Gomez-Dinger

‎20% of the US population comes down with the flu every year. That is why it is important to get your flu vaccine yearly. In the past, patients were told that if they had egg allergy then they could not receive a flu vaccine or they needed to be seen by an Allergist. Allergists have routinely done allergy testing for flu vaccine and followed a protocol for administering the flu shot to those patients with egg allergy.

Singing Happy Birthday Can Be Deadly.....

to your germs, that is.  Flu and cold season is upon us.  One of the best ways to stay healthy this season is to wash your hands properly.  The CDC urges kids and adults to wash their hands before eating, and after using the restroom, blowing your nose, coughing, and touching animals or trash.  


Be Cool By Evan Ratner MD

Dr. Evan Ratner

A quick reminder about the extreme heat that is forecast for this weekend. Hydration is an all day pursuit, it is important to start drinking before you are outside, while you are outside, and after you go back inside. It is almost impossible to keep up if you are hydrating only while outside.  If you have to be outside, than  take frequent breaks to go into a cooled environment. Even 20 minutes at a stretch can help to keep your core temperature from getting too high.

Concussion Testing

Recent advances in the recognition and management of head injuries and concussions in student athletes are dramatic.  There is plenty of media coverage communicating the importance that the scientific evidence supports in regards to the necessity for better screening and management of concussions in our young athletes.  The Center for Disease Control (CDC), recommends that all athletes receive a baseline test prior to participating in any high risk athletic activity.


Pet Allergies

70% of US households have pets. 10 million pet owners, both adults and children, are allergic to their dog or cat and have to be extra careful around their furry friends. The presence of allergic dander in cats and dogs, contrary to popular belief, is not affected by the length of hair or fur, and their are truly no "hypoallergenic breeds". If you have a pet allergy and don't want to give up your pet, I can help! Click on this link to schedule an appointment with a Board Certified Allergist!

RE: It's time to see an ALLERGIST!

If you have been suffering with allergy symptoms throughout the year, but are feeling better and are off antihistamines....NOW is the time to get in to get allergy tested!!! Let's find out what is causing your symptoms and get your allergies under control BEFORE the bad allergy seasons are back!!!

Rotary promotes the love of reading

If you are like me, you grew up with parents that read to you. I remember as a child, my dad reading Dr. Seuss with me on the family couch.

Truthfully, my father did not enjoy reading. Yet, he knew its value. Through his simple appreciation of the value of literacy, he passed onto me the joy of reading.

AC & Heating that's affordable

Kewl Aire here, offering affordable ac repair or replacement. Stone Oak residents receive 15% off repairs,replacements with FREE diagnostic/travel when we repair your system. When you need help call Charlie 210-618-7910 TACLB26219E

Come ask Councilwoman Chan your District 9 Questions.

Matt Scherer

If you live in District 9, you have probably seen the handiwork of Elisa Chan, our city council woman.

As someone who lives in Stone Oak, I can attest that her efforts to fix traffic issues has made me want to thank her for that attention to detail.  Several years ago, a drive out of my neighborhood was a good 20 to 30 minutes with the influx of parents who drive their children to school.  In short, it was a mess to leave my house unless I left before 6:45 a.m. or after 9 a.m.

What's the Buzz? Tell me what's happening.

Blog submitted by Dr. Barry Langford.


Dear Panthers…. We have had quite an eventful beginning of the semester. I guess the biggest news locally is the announcement of Dr. Middleton’s retirement after 21 years as superintendent. Serving as superintendent that many years is unheard of in most cases. The average tenure of a superintendent in Texas is roughly 2 years. I for one am proud to have served as Principal with him.

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