February: Month of the heart

Feb­ru­ary is not only the month where we get all lovey-dovey about each other (hi honey pie!), we can also use it as a month of remem­ber­ing to keep our phys­i­cal tick­ers going strong. How can you work on your healthy heart?

Does it really take seven years to digest chewing gum?

What is it with seven years?  You break a mir­ror, seven years bad luck. Each dog year is seven human years.  Seven years to digest swal­lowed gum?  What if a dog broke a mir­ror and then swal­lowed a pack of gum?  Sounds like an alge­bra problem.


 Andrea is one of our fan­tas­tic Med­ical Assis­tants here at Impact Urgent Care. She’s always ready with a big grin and a help­ing hand. 

Isn't it normal to be tired?

Impact Urgent Care

I didn’t know it, but for many years I was literally gasping for air while I was asleep. It took me ten years and twelve doctors to find one who could and would help me. The persistence paid off and now I feel SO MUCH better!


Why a Strength and Conditioning Coach?


With all honesty, I can’t stress enough the importance of a good Strength and Conditioning Coach for serious athletes devoted to reaching their potential.

A properly designed and implemented program not only significantly improves current performance, but is also the road to achieving opportunities at the next level. Individuals need to be assessed to some degree by a qualified Coach for the purpose of pinpointing the areas of strength and weakness in order to truly obtain maximum results.

Clean Service Partners with Syndicate Medical <The Germ Experts>

During a cold and flu season, about one-third of the surfaces people touch at work are contaminated with disease-causing germs. But few businesses or institutions use cleaning strategies that reduce germs and create a healthier environment.



The Benefits of Sealing Cracks in Concrete

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Sealing the cracks in your concrete can help you and your concrete driveway in many ways.

Aesthetically, sealing the cracks in the concrete will help prevent dirt and weeds from growing in between them. The sealing compound also comes in different colors to match the concrete.

Do You Have Exposed Aggregate Concrete That Looks Dull?

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Exposed aggregate concrete does not have to look dull. Sealing the aggregate will brighten the different colored aggregate and will give a nice wet look that is not slippery. The sealer also helps lock in the aggregate and prevents them from breaking loose from the concrete. It is a great option for driveways, sidewalks, patios, and pool decks.


Check out this pool deck we sealed here.


Do You Know The Benefits Of Sealing Your Concrete?

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There are many types of concrete sealers and all of them have different purposes. Here is a brief description of the two most common types of sealers we use for protecting exterior concrete.


Penetrating Siloxane Sealer

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