2009 GMAIS Post #13

Original post January 13, 2008 on
Tuesday. Weird day in the week really. There are usually no deadlines, no important meetings - just a day in the week. No significance.
I had a good Tuesday. A couple of online meeting, good phone calls and a great lunch with a solid guy.
We had lunch at Paesano’s Lincoln Heights and both had the Insalata Caprese. Great service and got to hug my favorite Balthazar.
My day started with with my USANA Essentials, coffee, eggs, spinach and turkey sausage.

Sigma Post Office Closed for Good??

Looks like the small post office on Sigma Road won’t be opening any time soon.  The contract postal unit at 18585 Sigma Road closed Sept. 11 to update its systems and equipment.  A notice on the door listed a reopening date as Nov.

2009 GMAIS Post #12

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Got to get over these allergies!!! It seems they have been with me for months! Our Dallas trip didn't help and I feel a little drained when I wake in the mornings. Some HOT ROX and coffee help to get me up to speed with the rest of the world...

Monday is not the greatest of days to get anything done. It seems that everyone is always wanting you to fix what they broke last week. I'm not a fixer; I'm a coach. You can fix your own things with my help.

2009 GMAIS Post #11

Original post January 11 2009 on

I’m feelin’ kinda Sunday, Sunday…

Woke up in Lantana, Texas with Claudia at her brother’s house. Had a great breakfast with my fritata, USANA Chelated Mineral, USANA Anitoxidant and good home brewed coffee around 8:45am.

Claudia and I set out for home around 1030am. We stopped for more coffee at the Cabela’s exit north of Ft. Worth then headed south and made a stop at the last Albertson’s before leaving Cow Town.

2009 GMAIS Post #10

Original post January 10 2009 on

Day 10 - lost 10 pounds and still chugging along.

Eating was stupid today!

Had an amazing fritata of egg beaters, spinach, turkey sausage and parmesian cheese.

Didn’t eat again til 5:30pm.

Took my USANA at around 12:30pm to last. The lunch I had with clients ended up being not a lunch at all.

No workout. I was asleep by 8pm.

Tired pup!

2009 GMAIS Post #9

Original post January 9 2009 on

I love technology!!! I love that I now have nationwide exposure for my business with SEO 2.0. Through the power of the internet I have made contacts in several states. Referrals are coming in and I now have a great blog: to educate everyone about the power of Infinite Banking.

On the GMAIS front, eating is getting easier and easier. The workouts have been slight and today non-existent because I am just not getting over these allergies!!!

Bfast was delicious!
Strawberries and eggs - love it!

2009 GMAIS Post #8

Original post January 8 2009 on

Well, I don’t know how it is happening but I am losing fat and building muscle. I am eating and feeling great!

Today was another productive day with work.

I don’t want you think that I don’t crave a #5 w/cheese from What-a-burger on occasion but, I have been true to myself and will stay the course until day 14. That’s right! I get to have a cheat meal - cheat lunch really. The earlier you eat in the day the faster I will burn it off. Its kind of like a restart or kick in the head for my metabolism.

2009 GMAIS Post #7

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Sore throat! Headache!

Mountain cedar sucks!

Today was again a very productive day. More applications approved, a new client and more video presentations. I owe it all to my eating, exersice and USANA.

Breakfast was hmm hmm good - strawberries, USANA Chelated Mineral, USANA Anitoxidant, eggs, spinach, HOT ROX.

Lunch was apple, butternut, chicken casserole. Oh my god! Good!

Hit the weights at 330pm with chest, back, leg, core exercises. Power blocks rock!

2009 GMAIS Post #6

Original post January 6 2009 on

Today was a good business day! I made some nice contacts online and offline. Got some applications approved. Recruited a great new entrepreneur in Dallas to join my firm. Produced some videos on L.E.A.P. - Lifetime Economic Acceleration Process, Infinite Banking and Cash Flow Analysis.

I feel great with my do-it-right eating! I get to eat when I want but my choices do not include What-a-Burger, Taco Beuno or Burger King.

The day started off with apples, eggs and spinach. USANA Chelated Mineral, USANA Antioxidant and HOT ROX.

2009 GMAIS Post #5

Original post January 5 2009 on

Opps - didn’t post last night…


Back to my GMAIS…

Bfast was skimpy with USANA and Hot Rox, apple and coffee. I didn’t feel that well. And have the same feeling now.

Started working early and kept working - phones, lunch with Mary Permann and a sit down, more phones and loaded client info into LEAP software for online meeting at 7pm. Full day!

Totally skipped the workout SO! 2-a-days for today! Punishment!

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