Tuesday is Children's Mental Health Awareness Day

Children's Metal Health Awareness Day

Tuesday, May 7th is Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day. The National Federation of Families has declared this year’s theme to be: “Out of the Shadows: Exposing Stigma.”

I'd Like To Get Contact Contacts For Dry Perspective

Bedtime with contacts is often a major dilemma of most contact lens person. please click for source. There are times that we need to travel and often neglected to bring your contacts solution and cases. A couple of also times that most of us often sleep advanced or too sick and tired to remove your amazing contacts. , there are working hours that we expect a day possibly few hours on sleep will 't harm us.

instagram followers train

Instagram has rapidly grown over a short time from the perfect simple social publishing app to per major social online advertising platform. In order to get buying instagram followers is considered to be an important benefit when looking with regard to promote via Instagram. Currently Instagram is the a good number frequently downloaded loan application on IPods, Apple ipads and android smart phones globally. Being that the is only ready on single applications (iOS) this are an incredible very good for the app.

Purchasing Grocery coupons a means to Reduce Costs Over the web

When one gabs of shopping, internet shopping: a popular and straightforward way to shop can’t be ignored. Online coupons are used by distributors to allure users. A trend in the world around us was created when internet arrived and presented new opportunities & possibilities Shopping characteristics of people were changed due to this revolution.Among the most lucrative attributes of shopping online is the deals.The discount coupons experience an wonderful mode to acquire your most popular goods. Online shopping was blessed by the effective use of it.

Grace Notes Quartet

Grace Notes began as a barbershop experiment with four girls who grew up together in the Texas Children's Choir. We've competed at Sweet Adelines International Rising Star contest and are the two-time champions of the Sweet Adeline Region 10 Young Women in Harmony contest. Since we've been bitten by the barbershop bug, we've performed at senior living centers, the Towers retirement complex. as well as on a concert with our friends in the Alamo Metro Chorus and the Texas Children's Choir. We love to sing competitively as well as for fun in front of any audience that will listen!

Omontys recall by FDA prompted by fatal reactions

Do you take Omon­tys? It’s been recalled by the FDA.

Impact in the news: Lawmaker wants to limit practice time for full contact football

SAN ANTONIO -- Should full contact football practice be limited to once a week? A state lawmaker says yes. 

Rep. Eddie Lucio, III, of District 38, filed House Bill 887 to limit full contact practice time to once a week for middle and high school football players. He states doing so would prevent head injuries. 


Annie's smiling face is one of the first you’ll see when you step through the doors of Impact Urgent Care. She’s been a fixture at the front desk at both locations since she began working with us.


How did you first get interested in medicine? If you weren’t in medicine, what would you be doing instead?


Why do some folks have an “outie” belly button and some folks have an “innie”?

I didn’t have the answer to this ques­tion until I deliv­ered my first baby.  I always believed that you had an “innie” if the doc­tor tied a good knot, and if he didn’t, you were cursed with that funny-looking “outie”.  Well, there is no knot tying at all.  We just put on a clip, cut, and wait for the umbil­i­cal cord to dry up a

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