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Avoid IRS Scams during Tax Time

Dean Bentle-Independent Agent

Unless you are living under a rock, you know that we are in tax season for the next 3 months. Each year we hear about IRS themed scams and this year is no exception. 


What Debt Collectors Can and Cannot Do

Dean Bentle

What Debt Collectors Can and Cannot Do:

Child Identity Theft: The Basics

Dean Bentle

The Identity Theft Resource Center ( is a non-profit organization that provides victim resources, identity theft protection tips and lists of scams and alerts. This month, September, 2013, they are highlighting Child Identity Theft which can be more valuable to an identity thief than that of an adult. How you ask? It is a matter of usage. Click on the following link to read the full article.

Can your car be hacked?

Dean Bentle

From spark plugs to air bags, more and more of your car's functions are being controlled by computers. But does that mean your vehicle is vulnerable to a cyberattack?

You might be behind the wheel, but increasingly, computers control your car’s every function.

Protecting your Identity in the Cyber World

Dean Bentle

The following is an excerpt from the Better Business Bureau's website that I wanted to share with everyone.

Protecting Your Identity In The Real World

Dean Bentle

The Better Business Bureau has posted several entries on their website concerning Identity Theft. The following is an excerpt from their site: PROTECTING YOUR IDENTITY IN THE REAL WORLD

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