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Omontys recall by FDA prompted by fatal reactions

Do you take Omon­tys? It’s been recalled by the FDA.

Impact in the news: Lawmaker wants to limit practice time for full contact football

SAN ANTONIO -- Should full contact football practice be limited to once a week? A state lawmaker says yes. 

Rep. Eddie Lucio, III, of District 38, filed House Bill 887 to limit full contact practice time to once a week for middle and high school football players. He states doing so would prevent head injuries. 


Annie's smiling face is one of the first you’ll see when you step through the doors of Impact Urgent Care. She’s been a fixture at the front desk at both locations since she began working with us.


How did you first get interested in medicine? If you weren’t in medicine, what would you be doing instead?


Why do some folks have an “outie” belly button and some folks have an “innie”?

I didn’t have the answer to this ques­tion until I deliv­ered my first baby.  I always believed that you had an “innie” if the doc­tor tied a good knot, and if he didn’t, you were cursed with that funny-looking “outie”.  Well, there is no knot tying at all.  We just put on a clip, cut, and wait for the umbil­i­cal cord to dry up a

February: Month of the heart

Feb­ru­ary is not only the month where we get all lovey-dovey about each other (hi honey pie!), we can also use it as a month of remem­ber­ing to keep our phys­i­cal tick­ers going strong. How can you work on your healthy heart?

Does it really take seven years to digest chewing gum?

What is it with seven years?  You break a mir­ror, seven years bad luck. Each dog year is seven human years.  Seven years to digest swal­lowed gum?  What if a dog broke a mir­ror and then swal­lowed a pack of gum?  Sounds like an alge­bra problem.


 Andrea is one of our fan­tas­tic Med­ical Assis­tants here at Impact Urgent Care. She’s always ready with a big grin and a help­ing hand. 

Isn't it normal to be tired?

Impact Urgent Care

I didn’t know it, but for many years I was literally gasping for air while I was asleep. It took me ten years and twelve doctors to find one who could and would help me. The persistence paid off and now I feel SO MUCH better!


Cranberries are e-coli warriors!

Impact Urgent Care

It’s all over the news these days,  cranberries have been proven to reduce urinary tract infections (UTIs).  We moms, and nurses having been telling people for years to drink cranberry juice at the first twinges of a UTI.  I guess as women, who tend to suffer more from UTI’s then men, we really didn’t need to wait for scientific research to confirm what we already knew.  Cranberry juice simply made our bladders and urethras feel so much better.

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