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School supply list is root of all evil

There are numerous “joys” of parenthood no one ever warns you about -- like how far projectile puke can actually, well, project or how privacy in the bathroom becomes nothing more than a distant memory once kids invade the house.  No one gives you any heads up about shopping for school supplies either.  Had I received that memo I would have walked into Wa

Miss the sound of rain?

It's been awhile since we've heard the pleasant pitter-patter of a lengthy and refreshing rain shower.  Miss that sound??  Check out this incredible video courtesy of YouTube:


"I miss the fork, mommy"


Whether I agreed with the final decision or not, I thought I at least understood the POA’s reasoning in forcing a local restaurateur to build a wall around a controversial sculpture installed on his property.  I understood, that is, until I tried to explain the situation to my 5-year-old.

Stop monkeying around!

Monkey see, monkey do

Those who visited the San Antonio Zoo early last week may have stumbled upon an unusual sight.  A Francois Langur Monkey somehow escaped from the enclosure and was entertaining a mob of onlookers.  It’s hard to know which was more alarming – the slow response from zoo employees or the number of adults seen lifting their young children up to “pet&rdqu

A tribute to mom by NorthRock

In need of an "awwww" moment?  Check out this video made by NorthRock Church this past Mother's Day....

25 lessons from mom

As Mother’s Day approaches, we pay tribute to 25 important lessons received from mom:

Beep! Beep!

Sign? Forget-da-bout-it!

Dear Highly Impatient Lady Laying on Her Horn,


Admission increase at Witte Museum :(

Tickets to the Witte Museum at Brackenridge Park will probably increase.  On Thursday, Feb.

Sigma Post Office Closed for Good??

Looks like the small post office on Sigma Road won’t be opening any time soon.  The contract postal unit at 18585 Sigma Road closed Sept. 11 to update its systems and equipment.  A notice on the door listed a reopening date as Nov.

Big Top Kidz closes!

Well, parents, the rumors floating around proved to be true.  Big Top Kidz, an indoor play place for young children near Stone Oak Parkway and Huebner Road, permanently closed Dec. 13.  A short message on the business’ website merely thanks the community for their patronage over the past year and apologizes for the inconvenience, but does not offer a reason for closing.   

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