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Stone Oak Vision Source Welcomes New Optical Manager


We have a lot of exciting things coming soon at Stone Oak Vision Source. We are building a new building and will be relocating in the Fall of 2016. The new location is located on Knights Cross, so it is very close to our current space. With this upcoming new move, we have added some new team members and we want to profile them here each month. We will profile current team members in months to follow as well.

Proper Hydration Year Round

   No one needs to be reminded of the importance of proper hydration in July and August. But in the glorious days of early spring it is easy to overlook the toll increasing activity and temperature takes on our bodies. We have all heard again and again about the importance of proper hydration. But what does that mean?

One more reason to hate mosquitos

Dr. Ratner

The Zika virus. Transmitted by mosquitos. Spreading across the globe.


Avoid IRS Scams during Tax Time

Dean Bentle-Independent Agent

Unless you are living under a rock, you know that we are in tax season for the next 3 months. Each year we hear about IRS themed scams and this year is no exception. 


Are You Serious About Weight Loss?


If you are serious about losing weight, you probably know that “quick fix” programs that rely on meal replacement products or appetite suppressants aren’t healthy and don’t work for long. However, you may be reluctant to try real food programs for fear that they require too much “will power.” Weigh Forward® is a real food program that replaces “will power” with “skill power,” and it has proven to help people lose weight while improving their health at the same time. It was developed by Dr.

NCBH to break ground on $50 million expansion project.

Hospital Expansion NCBH

On Monday, Baptist Health System will break ground on its new $50 million institute dedicated to orthopedic innovation at North Central Baptist Hospital (NCBH). Slated for completion in fall 2016 the new three-story, 76,800 square foot building will offer new and enhanced patient services that address the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system – a need that has been identified in the San Antonio community. 


Jets Pizza Today

I am excited about our new Deep Dish Duo. This is the first time we have made a Deep Dish Bread..Its so good and you can make your own, add a topping to really make it your own.

I want to thank all on San Antonio for trying Jet's Pizza.


What Debt Collectors Can and Cannot Do

Dean Bentle

What Debt Collectors Can and Cannot Do:

Do You Have Exposed Aggregate Concrete That Hurts Your Feet When Walking On It?

MVL Concrete Logo

Exposed aggregate is great when it is clean and in areas where you won't be walking on it barefoot; however, for areas you might be walking on it barefoot such as pool decks or patios there might be a problem. Exposed aggregate concrete, especially when sharp edged stones are used, can hurt your feet when walking on it barefoot.

We have a solution that will hone the stones down creating a smoother surface that will be easier to clean and will not hurt your feet when walking on it. We have options to seal the concrete afterwards if wanting to add a shine to the surface.

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